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 This is how it works.

You need a plumber, check your member’s “My Community” area under Trade.

The Plumber listed has exclusive rights to your area and the reason he wants to provide a great service

and help you eliminate your telco bill, he wants to remain with 05 and have exclusivity.


Example - The Plumber – Bills you $140.00, you then email us the details.

      We credit your telco account 10% of the invoice. (After confirming it with the plumber)



This is where it really works for everyone.

The person who orginally referred you gets 5% of what you paid the plumber against their telco bill.


So imagine the benefit to you;

Not only are you recieving a monthly referral reward for them using our services

but you also gain a referral fee from any affiliated business your referrals used - how good is that!


Home Loan Referral

Could earn you a monthly referral fee for the life of the loan- Conditions Apply

Car Finance Referral

Could earn you a monthly referral fee for the life of the loan – Conditions Apply

And the list goes on…………….


Our solicitor wants to help you as well

you receive 10% on chargeable time & your referrer receives 5%


Offer By Businesses

Percentage on offer by businesses can vary, the offer being provided by business will be listed on the 05 Affiliated Business page.