One reason why you would get your prepaids from 05:

You share in our success by way of our loyalty shares.


We provide all prepaid services:

Earn 05 loyalty shares from every purchase

Plus the person who referred you earns 1 associate share at  Level 1 (conditions apply)

05prepaid V2

How it works.

You must have a credit or debit card recorded with 05.

When prepaid is required you can email or txts 05 the type of prepaid you want and the amount.

Once we have debited your account and payment has been made you will then receive the activatioin code back by Txt or email.

Best case within 5 to 15 minutes, worse case within 24 hours.

Your activation code will also be recorded on your 05 account.

We can preset for you to receive your Prepaid on a certain date, so there is no need to contact us, the choice is yours.