05about us

 The Smarter Choice Communication Company”

Where… ” Smart People Pay Less…Smarter People Pay Nothing…

and even Smarter People turn a Liability into and ASSET!


Our Purpose;  committed to ensuring our customers/agents share in our success!

05Communications (05)

Our team consists of a group of professionals who have extensive knowledge in communications, accounting and the corporate sector.  We have been involved with the internet virtually since its conception and the 'www' as far back as 1992.  Our background in accounting and the corporate sector gives us the expertise and knowledge to ensure the success of 05 and you sharing in that success.

Using proven approaches and methodologies allows us to share with you a very unique and special concept.

No other business shares like 05!

05 has devised a concept so all its customers / agents share in its profits.

Profit Sharing by way of:

  • Personal Rewards - earned by paying your account on time
  • Loyalty Shares - every dollar you spend with 05 earnes you loyalty shares.
  • New Customers - by you referring new customers earns you reocurruing monthly rewards for as long as your referral's services remain with us. 

We have proven systems and methodologies which make it easy for you to obtain new customers.

Plus every customer/agent you obtain holds a goodwill value.

You dream it, we make it happen for you!

Most people are unable to buy shares or start up their own business, by being part of 05 gives you that opportunity. You may only have your services with us but you still share in our success.